1. The Azrieli Fellows Program management will send out Calls for Applications, Program guidelines and Application Forms to the Academic Secretariat or Graduate School of all participating institutions. This information will also be disseminated to the relevant faculties and departments.
  2. Students interested in applying should approach the Academic Secretariat or Graduate School administration at their university, where they will be provided with the relevant forms and instructions. Applications should be submitted through the university administration, and not directly to the Foundation.
  3. The university will select nominees and submit their applications to the Azrieli Fellows Program management.
  4. Guidelines and application forms may be downloaded from The Azrieli Foundation website at: .
  5. THe deadlines for receipt of university nominated and approved applications by The Azrieli Foundation are:

    for PhD students in Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Education - February 17th,  2019.

    for PhD students in Architecture  - March 3rd, 2019. 

    for Masters students in Architecture and Urban Planning - March 3rd,  2019. 

*Candidates are advised to check with their academic institutions regarding internal deadlines for submission of application materials.

The Selection Committees will meet between March and May 2019. Candidates may be called upon to participate in an interview during that period