Obligations of the Academic Institution

  1. To submit no more than one nominee per supervisor.
  2. To ensure that nominees at the PhD level have finished their first year of doctoral studies prior to the beginning of the Fellowship. 
  3. For Azrieli Fellowships in Architecture:
    a. To ensure that nominees at the Masters level have finished at least one semester of their Masters studies by the beginning of the Fellowship. 
    b. To ensure that nominees at the PhD level have an approved Research Proposal by the time of application. 
  4. To ensure and sign the Nominating Institution Statement Form (attached to the Application Form) which states that the nominee:
    • ​​is a full time research student.
    • has an academic advisor who is a senior faculty member in her/his field of study. 
    • will be exempt from tuition and other institutional payments should s/he win a Fellowship.
  5. To submit no more than the number of nominees requested by the Azrieli Fellows Program management in a given year.
  6. To ensure and report to the Program management on a semi-annual basis that each Fellow is continuing her/his studies and progressing with research and coursework in a manner that is satisfactory to the university. Progress Report Forms will be provided by the Azrieli Fellows Program management.
  7. To report on any halting of research that lasts more than six months.
  8. To ensure that the Fellow does not receive any additional living stipend during the course of the Fellowship.
    The Azrieli Foundation has no objection to the Fellow's receipt of additional research grants provided they are intended to cover research expenses only. The Azrieli Foundation has no objection to the student’s receipt of supplementary funding to the basic fellowship from the academic institution at which they are enrolled, in accordance with the amounts and policies set by that institution. 

  9. To ensure that during the course of the Fellowship, the Fellow's research is run only within the framework of the university. 
  10. To ensure that any employment taken on by the Fellow is in direct connection to her/his academic training (that is, teaching, tutoring, or other research-related roles) and does not exceed four teaching hours per week, unless otherwise approved by the Foundation.  
  11. The Fellowship is a gift to the students. The university will be the pipeline through which payment is transferred from the Azrieli Foundation to the students.
    No overhead will be paid to the university. The university will not deduct any amount from the Fellowship payment without the agreement of the Azrieli Fellows Program management.

  12. Financial arrangements are outlined in a separate contract between each university and the Azrieli Foundation.