Bnaya Bauer

Masters in Architecture & Urban Planning
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Thesis Topic: Natural Colony Typologies and There
Implications in Architecture.

Bnaya was accepted to the 'Azrieli Fellow Program' after finishing his B. Arch. studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in the Technion.
His research focused on the innovative concept of Bio-Architecture - looking at the unique structural system of living creatures, and translating this into an architectural structural system.

Today, after graduating the program, he is about to conclude his Master's thesis. In parallel, he is working for 'Tzamir Architects and Town-Planners' as an architect. In his work, he aims to implement the knowledge he acquired in his research by planning a neighborhood which provides the individual an environment that supports his physical and sociological needs.

In the future, after concluding his internship, Bnaya plans to establish his own architecture office, which will focus on researching the interface between architecture and other fields of knowledge. This research will form the base for new projects aiming to create a seamless continuity between the individual and his environment,  thus enabling him to reach the full potential of his abilities.

A personal perspective:
"I was delighted to discover that the Azrieli Fellows Program is not "just a scholarship" program, but rather a supportive, loving family. They not only took care of the financial aspect of my studies, they accompanied me on a wonderful journey into the intellectual world.  The Azrieli Fellows Forums, where I met colleagues and world known researchers, opened many doors for me to new fields of knowledge.