Netta Abugov

PhD in Education
Tel Aviv University
Dissertation Topic: Child and Adult Noun Plurals in Israeli Yiddish:
A Psycholinguistic Study in the Hasidic Community.

Netta studied for her PhD in Language Education at Tel Aviv University. Her research focused on the acquisition of Yiddish as a native tongue by Israeli Hasidic children, looking at the development of the language from psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic aspects. Netta's pioneering research has contributed much to the field of language acquisition and the study of language maintenance and change, while also opening up a unique window onto the Hasidic community in Israel.
Netta has recently won a one-year Marie Curie Fellowship as a postdoctoral researcher at Antwerp University (Belgium). Her project will focus on structure and acquisition of noun plurals in contemporary Yiddish used by the Jewish Hasidic community in Antwerp.

A personal perspective:
"I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Azrieli Foundation for the opportunity of being an Azrieli Fellow for the last three years, and to Mr. David Azrieli and Dr. Naomi Azrieli for envisioning and executing such a successful enterprise. Special thanks go to Prof. Joshua Jortner and Ms. Rochelle Avitan for their endless support, encouragement and patience". 

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Chapters in Books: 

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