Barak Alfassi

PhD in Physics
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Dissertation Topic: Optics in Nonlocal Nonlinear Media
and in Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures.

Barak is a graduate of the Technion in the field of Physics. During his PhD studies, Barak explored the behavior of light (electro-magnetic radiation) in nano-scale optical waveguides – a field that is at the forefront of research in the field of optics, and holds much potential for future applications in nanometric optical switching, which can become the basis of communication systems, computation and more.
Currently Barak is a physicist at Elbit Systems, where he is part of R&D team.
In addition to his work at Elbit, Barak, together with a friend from the Technion, are working to promote an initiative in the realm of Science Education. Within this framework, they have designed a curriculum for excellent students (ages 12-18) in the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Computer science, based on learning via research. Barak plans to dedicate most of his time to developing this program, once the initiative has been given the green light by the Ministry of Education.

A Personal Perspective:
In Barak's words:" Winning the Azrieli Fellowship was one of the best things that happened to me during my doctoral period.
Firstly, the benevolent financial support of this fund allowed me to participate in the most important conferences around the world and to present my research in front of leading scientists in my field.
Secondly, meeting the other Azrieli Fellows was a very unique experience, mainly because of the multi-disciplinary nature of these meetings. The multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas which occur at these gatherings is rare among standard academic activities or conferences, yet these interactions widen horizons and can lead to unique research ideas and collaborations. These meetings are unique to the Azrieli Fellows Program and I was very happy for the opportunity that was given to me to take part in them". 


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