Yehuda Brody

Ph.D. Biotechnology
Bar-Ilan University
Dissertation Topic: Spatial and temporal analysis of RNA polymerase II
transcription kinetics in living cells.

Yehuda is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Life Sciences.  In his interdisciplinary research he combined advanced imaging methods of live cells, analyzing them with computer simulations and mathematical models.  Using these tools, he explored the kinetic aspects of gene expression pathways, and followed the kinetic of main events in the life cycle of mRNA.
Recently Yehuda and his family have moved to the Galilee, where he has joined the founding team of the new Faculty of Medicine in Tsfat. In his new job he is leading the establishment of the Scientific Equipment Center that provides the basic infrastructures for the faculty's research. In addition, he plays a central role in setting up the faculty's new bio-medical research center.
According to Yehuda, this exciting opportunity is a natural continuation of the 'giving vision' demonstrated by the Azrieli Foundation. He intends to leverage this environment of fast developments and innovation of the newly established faculty to do his best to contribute to the development of the North.

A Personal Perspective:
"The generous financial support of the Azrieli Foundation allowed me to concentrate on my research, and created exciting opportunities to meet with a fascinating group of people.
But beyond all that, the 'spirit of giving' of the Azrieli Foundation and its commitment to bringing advancement and real improvement to the country has motivated me immensely. This is true Zionism. I take with me this 'spirit of giving' and the 'mantra of duty' which was often repeated: 'If you have - you must also give'." 


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