Shlomit Davidovitch

PhD in Education
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dissertation topic: Adaptive and Maladaptive Rumination – the role of observer vs. field perspective

Shlomit is enrolled in the PhD program in Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research focuses on rumination, as a type of thinking associated with negative cognitive and emotional patterns. In her research, Shlomit is developing a tool aimed at distinguishing between different modes of rumination, in an attempt to present less negative modes of this type of thinking. Her research has important implications for educators and counselors working with adolescents, who are at a critical age for developing adaptive or maladaptive forms of thinking. Currently, after calibrating the measuring tool's accuracy in a number of lab experiments, Shlomit is running a comprehensive experiment in order to explore the tool's effect.

A personal perspective:
In Shlomit's words: " My doctoral work was supported by the Azrieli Foundation. As an Azrieli Fellow, I had the opportunity to be a part of an interesting and challenging group. Through meetings with Fellows from different disciplines, I have learned about new fields and research methods. I also had to face the challenge of presenting my research topic to a non-expert audience. In addition, and no less important, the Foundation's generous financial support, which includes a living stipend and a special fund for research expenses, has enabled me to conduct an independent project". 

• Gati, I., Landman, S., Davidovitch, S., Asulin-Peretz, L., & Gadassi R. "From Career Decision-Making Styles to Career Decision-Making Patterns: A Multidimensional Approach". Journal of Vocational Behavior, 76 (2010): 277-291.

Presentations at Conferences:

Davidovitch, S., Mor, N. & Yovel, I. “Brooding concerning negative experiences: The role of self-distanced perspective”. (Presented at the Social Psychology Israeli PhD Conference, December 2012).

Davidovitch, S., Mor, N., & Yovel, I. “Brooding concerning negative experiences: The role of self-distanced perspective. (Poster presented at the 46th Annual Convention of the ABCT's - Association for behavioral and cognitive therapies, National Harbor, MD, USA, November 2012).

• Gati, I. & Davidovitch, S. "Career decision-making styles: A multidimensional approach". (Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychology Association, San-Francisco, USA, August 2007).

• Gati, I. & Davidovitch, S. "Career decision-making styles: A multidimensional approach". (Presented at the IAEVG International Conference. Padova, Italy, September 2007).

Teaching at the Shusterman Center for Children and their Families:

As an Azrieli Fellow,  I volunteered at the Shusterman Center for Children and their Families, in Jerusalem. I taught children who were taken out of their homes as an emergency intervention, a move which required them to attend the Center's morning school.
My challenge was to teach them, while considering their life situations.
Since, in my university studies, I combine the fields of psychology and education, this volunteer work enabled me to implement what I have learned.