Aryeh (Arik) Segev

PhD in Education
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Dissertation topic: Moral Education in Liberal-Open Societies.

Aryeh is about to finish writing his dissertation.
He gives two courses in the Education Department of Ben-Gurion University, which are based on his thesis:  1. The Educator as a Philosopher – Plato's Socrates. 2. The Moral Crisis in Modern Societies and its Implication on Education.
Arye plans to continue promoting education, philosophical education and the philosophy of education in various fields: in theory, in teaching, in teacher training, in educational policy and in administration.

A personal perspective:
In Arye's words: " Being an Azrieli Fellow is an experience of quality and responsibility. The Foundation and the wonderful people who run it give tremendous financial, professional and personal support. It is a feeling of finding an ally who understands your dreams and shares them with you. Being a colleague with fellows from different disciplines is mind broadening and is the main contributor to the creation of a network of friends from different academic backgrounds who are dedicated to the same vision". 

Chapters in Books:

• Aviram A. and Segev A., "Lifelong Learning, Empowerment and the Internet," in Rural Learning for Development, eds. Koulouris P. and Sotiriou, S. (Greece: Ellinogermaniki Agogi, 2007), 187-196.