Naama Elefant

MD/PhD in Computational Biology and Genetics
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dissertation topic: Roles for microRNAs in Host-pathogen Interaction and Carcinogenesis.

After completing a year of internship at Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, Naama received both her MD and Phd degrees from the Hebrew University. She is currently doing a short post-doc at Weizmann Institute in Dr. Ido Amit's lab, working on sequencing of single cells, and also works shifts as a doctor at Terem - Emergency Medicine Centers. She plans on starting her residency in Pediatrics at Hadassah Hospital in January 2014, in parallel to continuing her research at Weizmann Institute.
A personal perspective:
In Naama's words: " I had the honor of being an Azrieli Fellow in the years 2007-2010. During these years I met students from different Universities and different fields and was exposed to fascinating research of different kinds. I was encouraged to volunteer and give back to the community and I was privileged to have the financial support of the Azrieli foundation. But most of all I was privileged to have the moral support and encouragement of the warm and caring people in the foundation. I am ever thankful to the Azrieli foundation for helping me succeed in the challenging task of completing both an MD and PhD". 


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*equal contribution

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