Tali Sadka - Raveh

PhD in Computational Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science
Dissertation topic: DNA-Encoded Mechanisms of Transcriptional Control.

Tali is completing her PhD in the field of Computational Biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Her research focuses on the behavior of genes and the way in which transcription of genes into mRNA is controlled. By applying computational modelling tools to the study of genetic transcription, Tali has been developing mechanistic models of transcriptional control. By complementing these models with experimental work, Tali has contributed to quantitative understanding of the regulation of gene expression and by that to our understanding of how cells are able to perform many of their complex functions .
Tali plans to go for post doctoral training in the US.

A personal perspective:
In Tali's words: "My experience as an Azrieli Fellow was remarkable. I was involved in an exciting community of bright students meeting and sharing fascinating ideas, in broad research fields. Belonging to the Azrieli Fellows Program with its warm and nurturing atmosphere enriched me in many ways, and I deeply thank the Azrieli Foundation for their invaluable support and care along the way, and for granting me the opportunity to participate in this program". 


Raveh-Sadka T.*, Levo M.*, Segal E. 2009. Incorporating Nucleosomes into Thermodynamic Models of Transcriptional Control. Genome Research 19: 1480-1496. * equal contribution.

• Segal  E.*, Raveh-Sadka T.*, Schroeder M., Unnerstall U., Gaul U. 2008. Predicting Expression Patterns from Sequence: A Model for Transcriptional Control in Drosophila Segmentation. Nature 451: 535-540. * equal contribution

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