Tomer Peleg

Tomer Peleg is a PhD student at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in the field of Electrical Engineering. His research focuses on sparse representation for signal and image processing applications, such as improving images (i.e. photographs) by developing a mathematical language for them. By going beyond classical modeling assumptions, Tomer hopes to provide better treatment for signals and images, which will lead to performance improvement in various applications such as noise removal, blur correction, and more, which are of tremendous importance in scientific and medical applications, as well as non-scientific applications. 


T. Peleg and M. Elad. 2013. Performance guarantees of the thresholding algorithm for the co-sparse analysis model. IEEE Trans. on Information Theory 59 (3): 1832-1845.

T. Peleg, Y. C. Eldar, and M. Elad. 2012. Exploiting statistical dependencies in sparse representations for signal recovery.  IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing 60 (5): 2286-2303.

• R. Rubinstein, T. Peleg, and M. Elad. 2013. Analysis K-SVD: A dictionary learning algorithm for the analysis sparse model. To appear in IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing 61 (3): 661-677, March 2013.

Refereed conference proceedings:

T. Faktor*, Y. C. Eldar, and M. Elad. Denoising of image patches via sparse representations with learned statistical dependencies. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing;  (ICASSP) 2011 May 22-27; Prague, Czech Republic. p. 5820-5823.

• R. Rubinstein, T. Faktor*, and M. Elad. K-SVD dictionary learning for the analysis sparse model. Proceedings the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP); 2012 March 25-30; Kyoto, Japan. p. 5405-5408.

* Tomer's last name before marriage was Faktor.
Tomer is currently volunteering as a teaching assistant at the Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment in Acre, where he assists 7th and 9th grade students in their math and English studies.