Alon Szczupak

Alon Szczupak is a PhD student in the field of Biotechnology Engineering at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. His interests lie in the development of biofuel cells, drawing on knowledge from fields of biology, electrochemistry, material engineering and more.  Alon's research focuses on genetically modifying microorganisms to perform in an optimal manner in hybrid biofuel cells, in order to enable the cells to reach very high power outputs. If successful, his project will be a huge step towards the use of biofuel cells as a sustainable and feasible source for green energy. 

University Lab tours for teens:

As a part of the Azrieli Fellows Program volunteer activities, I give tours of my laboratory at Ben-Gurion University to junior high school students in Beer Sheva, who are part of the Azrieli Foundation’s Institute of Educational Empowerment, which focuses on dropout prevention in middle schools. In these tours I explain to the students about the research that we do in the lab, and demonstrate different techniques and instruments that are in use in our field, and the various possible applications of the research.
This volunteer activity exposes the students to the field of biology, arousing their curiosity and exposing them to the great things that are done in their city, all by students not much older than they are. .I believe this encourages them to stay in school and study, opens their eyes to the possibilities of attending university and participating in research in the future.