Pinaki Mondal

Pinaki Mondal completed his PhD at the University of Toronto in Mathematics. He is currently doing postdoctoral research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, using a technique known as 'compactification'. Painters discovered the notion of perspective, which hints at a notion of infinity (e.g. parallel railway tracks meet at a point at infinity). The idea of points at infinity was formalized in mathematics under the terminology 'compactification' and underlies our understanding of many practical problems. Finding solutions to two equations in two unknowns becomes easier if the corresponding curves "behave well" near infinity. Pinaki will be using compactification techniques to study the behaviour of polynomial equations and systems of differential equations with polynomial coefficients. 


P. Mondal. Projective completions of affine varieties via degree-like functions, arXiv:1012.0835. The Asian Journal of Mathematics. Accepted for publication.


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