Meera Nair

Meera Nair holds a PhD in Communications from Simon Fraser University, Canada. She is currently engaging in postdoctoral research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the field of communication guided by the writings of Harold Adams Innis (1894-1952). Meera's interests lie in the similarities that both Canada and Israel have in terms of development of copyright. She finds Israel's moderate approach to copyright intriguing, set as it is against a global trend which increasingly stipulates that copyright is an instrument of absolute control. Israel's approach is a better model for the world to follow, for it recognizes that creativity is cumulative and necessarily draws from existing intellectual effort. However, to fully capitalize on this domestic opportunity - to reach the heights of intellectual effort spanning cutting-edge research and the fine arts - a broader understanding of Israel's approach is key.  Meera seeks to examine and participate within Israel's current efforts to foster the awareness of fair use, a legitimate exception to copyright, which allows creativity and innovation to thrive. 


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