The Number of Azrieli Fellows

The chart below shows the maximum number of Fellows the program can accept per year: 

Graduate Studies 

Field  New Fellows accepted
per year
Sciences (PhD) Up to 10
Education (PhD) Up to 2
Social Sciences (PhD) Up to 4
Humanities (PhD) Up to 4
Architecture & Urban Planning (MA)
Up to 4
Architecture (PhD) Up to 1

Up to 25

The Azrieli Fellows Program will have the capacity to accept the number of students per field as outlined in these guidelines, but reserves the right to accept less than the indicated number in a given year.

In addition to fellowships in graduate studies, the Azrieli Fellows Program supports:  
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships at Israeli universities for Canadian citizens or  those who have completed their PhD degree at a Canadian university/ 
    *Guidelines are provided under separate cover.
  • Faculty Fellowships for positions in Israeli academia. 
    *Guidelines are provided under separate cover.
The Azrieli Fellows Program supports a steady state of over 100 Fellows per year, including all levels of fellowships mentioned here.