Sciences (PhD)

1. The Azrieli Fellows Program will accept nominations of PhD students who perform cutting edge science research, basic, interdisciplinary or applied. The research areas may include, but are not limited to, the following areas of study, broadly defined:
Exact / Natural Sciences Technology Engineering
Mathematics             Computer Science                         Electrical          
Physics Materials Science Chemical
Chemistry Earth Sciences Biomedical
Biology Nanotechnology Mechanical
Medicine   Aeronautical

2. Candidates are eligible to apply for an Azrieli Fellowship as follows:

a) Regular Track PhD:
  • Definition: A PhD study track following completion of a Masters degree.
  • Regular Track PhD students may apply for an Azrieli Fellowship within the first year of their PhD studies. A research proposal is not a requirement at the time of application, if the research topic is a continuation of the same line of research as the student's Masters Degree.
  • If either the topic or the supervisor/s is different, candidates may apply during their second year of PhD studies, and must submit along with their application either a research proposal, or an article for publication on their current research. The research proposal may be in the stages of receiving approval from the university authorities, or have received approval after October 2018
  • Applicants from the Technion should submit a Research Area statement "תחום מחקר" in place of a research proposal.
b) Combined Track PhD - also referred to as "Direct" in some universities:
  • Definition: A PhD study track in which students fulfill most or all of their Masters degree course obligations, but do not submit a Masters thesis.
  • Students in this track of study may apply for an Azrieli Fellowship if their change of status from a Masters to a PhD student occurred after May 2018.
    This candidate is not required to have an approved research proposal at the time of application.
c) Direct (from BA) Track PhD :
  • Definition: A PhD study track in which students start PhD studies directly following their BA degree
  • Candidates may apply for an Azrieli Fellowship following approval of their research proposal. The proposal should have been approved after May 2018.
3. Candidates must be nominated by the Rector, or academic official of similar position, of the university at which they are studying. Nominations and coordination of applications will be processed through the Academic Secretariat or the Graduate School of the institution at which candidates are enrolled.

4. Each university is requested to submit up to six nominations for Sciences Program track.

5. Up to ten new Azrieli Fellows will be selected each year in the Sciences. 

6. Students nominated for a Clore Scholarship or Adams Fellowship may not be nominated for an Azrieli Fellowship in the same year.

7. The Fellowship is offered for up to three years. Fellows will be required to provide bi-annual reports to the Program's management, which will be signed and approved by their academic supervisors. Progress Report forms will be provided by the Program management.

8. An approved research proposal must be submitted as early as possible in order to ensure continuation of the Fellowship.

9. The Azrieli Foundation reserves the right to halt financial support before completion of a Fellow's studies or the three years, in the event that that the Fellow does not meet his/her obligations to remain in good standing (see section entitled "Obligations of the Azrieli Fellow").