Ori Katz

Ori is a new faculty member at the Hebrew University's Department of Applied Physics, returning to Israel from a postdoctoral position at the Institute Langevin and Laboratory Kastler Brossel of Paris. His research lies at the interface between physics and engineering, and focuses on developing novel optical imaging techniques to overcome the limitations of current approaches. One important challenge that Ori’s lab will address is the limitations imposed by light scattering on optical microscopy. Although microscopy is one of the most important tools in medical investigation and biomedical discovery, it is currently limited by light scattering to superficial investigations. Ori’s approach challenges the governing paradigms on scattered light. In the coming years, his lab will focus on developing a new kind of microscope, which can peer deeper inside visually opaque samples, by combining light and sound. His multidisciplinary approach brings together advanced optical microscopy and light control techniques, with ultrasound-mediated imaging, and carries great potential for impact on biomedical investigation.