Oren Ram

Oren is a new faculty member at the Hebrew University's Institute of Life Sciences, returning to Israel following postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Harvard medical school and the Broad institute of MIT and Harvard. His research interests lie in the fields of molecular biology, epigenomics, microfluidics and computational biology. During his postdoctoral, Oren has developed novel technologies to measure epigenomes and study their complex regulation. Recently he pioneered a method that allows to look at chromatin at a single cell resolution which has the potential to highlight mechanisms of tumorigenesis that might even lead to drugs development. He intends to use this platform to ask questions about chromatin regulation and differentiation, which is directly related to a large number of disease-causing mutations, hoping to answer fundamental questions in chromatin biology. As a faculty member, he plans to bring to his teaching a multidisciplinary approach, bridging between biological lab experimentation and complex computational data analysis, and providing future scientists with better tools to address complex combinatorial measurements.