Boaz Hameiri

Boaz is a PhD student in the field of Psychology at Tel Aviv University. His research focuses on intergroup conflicts, socio-psychological barriers to peace-making, and the means to change conflict-supportive attitudes in order to end these conflicts as peacefully as possible. Boaz is working to develop psychological interventions which are based on the paradigm of 'paradoxical thinking', and thus contribute to the existing knowledge on attitude change and persuasion. He hopes this will lead to new interventions that can be applied in cases of intractable conflicts such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  

  • Moderating Attitudes in Times of Violence Through Paradoxical Thinking Intervention
    Boaz Hameiri, Roni Porat, Daniel Bar-Tal and Eran Halperin
  • Self-censorship of Conflict-related Information in the Context of Intractable Conflict
    Eldad Shahar, Boaz Hameiri, Daniel Bar-Tal and Amiram Raviv 
    link to the article
  • Support for Self-Censorship Among Israelis as a Barrier to Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Political Psychology, Vol. xx, No. xx, 2016
    Boaz Hameiri, Keren Sharvit, Daniel Bar-Tal, Eldad Shahar, Eran Halperin
  • Exploring Ourselves Within Intergroup Conflict: The Role of Intragroup Dialogue in Promoting Acceptance of
    Collective Narratives and Willingness Toward Reconciliation/Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace
    Yael Ben David, Boaz Hameiri, Sharón Benheim, Becky Leshem, Anat Sarid, Michael Sternberg,
    Arie Nadler, and Shifra Sagy