Value of the Fellowship:

  1. Salary:
    The Azrieli Faculty Fellow will receive a salary (including benefits) consistent with the remuneration and benefits of faculty of the rank of “Lecturer” or “Senior Lecturer”, “Associate Professor,” or other equivalent rank, as per the position the Fellow has been offered by the university. The university and the Azrieli Foundation will each fund 50% of the University’s entire cost associated with the Fellows’ remuneration and benefits (as outlined in separate agreements signed by the Azrieli Foundation and each of the eligible participating academic institutions).
  2. Research Grant:
    In addition to salary, the Azrieli Faculty Fellow will receive a research grant of    up to US$210,000, as justified by the submitted research plan and budget, to be paid over the course of the fellowship at the discretion of the Azrieli Foundation. This research grant will be funded in full (100%) by the Azrieli Foundation.
    The research grant may be used for equipment, infrastructure, and general research needs. The research grant will be awarded following a competitive selection process that will assess detailed proposals to be submitted by the applicants for the Fellowship to the Azrieli Foundation.  These proposals will outline a budget, and include a breakdown of expenses, showing the costs the applicant expects to be covered by startup funds provided by the university and the costs the applicant expects to be covered by the Azrieli research grant. The Azrieli research grant is not meant to replace start-up funds which are provided by the university for newly-appointed faculty positions.  The university is expected to provide all the necessary conditions for carrying out research. 
  3. Overhead:
    No overhead or other fees will be paid to the university. The university will not deduct any amount from the Fellowship payments (salary or research grant) without the agreement of the Azrieli Foundation.
  4. Additional external funding:
    Azrieli Faculty Fellows may apply for and accept additional research grants, however the research project may not be identical to that approved by the Azrieli Foundation. The percentage of time dedicated to the Azrieli funded grant must be at least 30%.