Obligations of the Academic Institution

The academic institution undertakes to:

  1. Submit no more than the number of nominees requested by the Azrieli Foundation in a given year. In the current “Call for Applications,” each eligible academic institution may submit:
    • up to four candidates in the fields of Sciences and Technology (S.T.)
    • up to two candidates in the fields of Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (H.E.S.S.
  2. Provide the Azrieli Foundation with copies of the official appointments of the candidates and the date they are due to start their position. If a candidate is submitted prior to receiving an official appointment, a letter of appointment must be produced and sent to the Azrieli Foundation no later than May 1, 2019
  3. Pay the Azrieli Faculty Fellow’s salary on a regular basis as per the accepted practices of the university regarding salaries for faculty of the rank of “Lecturer,” “Senior Lecturer,” “Associate Professor” or other equivalent rank.
  4. Transfer the funds received from the Azrieli Foundation for the research grant to the Azrieli Faculty Fellows without deduction of overhead or other fees of any kind. 
  5. Refrain from deducting any amount from the Fellowship payments (salary or research grant) without the agreement of the Azrieli Foundation. 
  6. If an Azrieli Faculty Fellow obtains an additional, external research grant which makes the Fellow eligible for a salary increase according to university by-laws or practices, the university will fund the related salary increase.
  7. Accept the Fellow into a tenure-track position at the university at the end of the fellowship period, subject to the Fellow meeting the university’s requirements and criteria.
  8. Report to the Azrieli Foundation on the granting of tenure (or a reasoned decision to withhold tenure) when a decision regarding tenure is made. 
  9. Include the Fellow’s salary, at the end of the fellowship period, in the regular budget of the university. 
  10. Inform the Azrieli Foundation of any change in the Fellow’s status during the period of the fellowship, including: sabbatical, unpaid vacation, rise in academic rank. 
  11. Report to the Azrieli Foundation, on the Report Forms provided by the Foundation, at the end of the first and second years of the fellowship, assessing the achievements of the Faculty Fellow in teaching and research, and making recommendations about the continuation of the fellowship for an additional year. The Foundation will rely on this recommendation as the basis for a decision regarding continuation of the Fellowship for an additional year. 
  12. Provide a Summary Report to Azrieli Foundation, on the Report forms provided by the Foundation, about each Faculty Fellow at the end of the third year, along with notice regarding the Fellow’s acceptance into a tenured position or a tenure-track. If the Fellow is not granted tenure, or is not placed on a tenure-track, then a detailed and reasoned report must be provided by the university to the Azrieli Foundation. 
  13. Provide the Azrieli Foundation with a financial report at the end of each academic year, listing and detailing the payments made to the Faculty Fellow in the preceding year. 
  14. Abide by the terms of the separate agreement signed and entered into by the Azrieli Foundation and each of the eligible participating academic institutions. 
  15. Consider the submission of a candidate by the university for an Azrieli Faculty Fellowship as a commitment on the part of the university to implement and honour all the above obligations.