Obligations of the Faculty Fellow

​Azrieli Faculty Fellows are expected to fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Work consecutively and continuously throughout the Fellowship Period:
    Azrieli Faculty Fellows must start their Fellowship during the period between June 2019 and the beginning of the second semester of academic year 2019/20 תש"פ. They must work at the academic institution in a consecutive and continuous manner for three years, except for periods of sick leave, maternity leave and reserve duty, according to the law and the University's regulations. If this condition is not met, the fellowship will be cancelled. 
  2. Bring Academic Scholarship to the Community:
    In keeping with the spirit of the Azrieli Fellows Program, Azrieli Faculty Fellows are expected to volunteer time and effort for the betterment of the surrounding community and Israeli society.  Azrieli Faculty Fellows will be asked to bring their academic scholarship to the community at large by delivering lectures on their fields of research and areas of expertise to the general public - at least one lecture per year. These lectures may be offered through various reputable frameworks, either internal or external to the university. The Azrieli Faculty Fellow will report to the Azrieli Foundation regarding his/her voluntary activity.
  3. Participate in Program-sponsored events:
    In order to foster the exchange of ideas between Azrieli Fellows at all levels and types of research, and to maintain a sense of group identification, the Program sponsors several events during the academic year at which Fellows may socialize and share their research and academic activities. These events may include study days, symposia, lectures, mentorship opportunities and general gatherings. 
  4. Acknowledgement of the Azrieli Foundation
    1. Publications:
      1. ​​Any written work (e.g.: articles published in journals, etc.) published by the Faculty Fellow while in the Program, or based on data obtained during the fellowship period, must recognize the support of the Azrieli Foundation in a written acknowledgement.   
      2. Fellows will also be asked to submit an abstract of their published works to the Azrieli Fellows Program management for use in publicity material produced by the Program, or for presentation on the Foundation website, (subject to publishers’ permission).  
      3. The work produced by the Faculty Fellows will be eligible for publication in a printed or on-line journal (subject to publishers’ permission) that the Foundation will establish and fund entitled “The Azrieli Review”.
    2. Conferences:
      Fellows in the Program who organize a conference or other public event, using funding provided through the Azrieli Faculty Fellowship, are required to acknowledge the Azrieli Foundation's support prominently at the conference.
  5.  Alumni Activities:
    Azrieli Faculty Fellows will be asked to act as ambassadors for the Azrieli Fellows Program – to talk about their experiences with others, to publicize the Fellowship to their colleagues and to potential candidates. Alumni will be invited to attend ongoing Program activities and events. In the future, the Azrieli Foundation hopes that former Azrieli Faculty Fellows will assist in the selection process for incoming Fellows.