How to Apply

  1. The Application Form should be filled out in English and submitted in 5 hard copies and 1 PDF to the Azrieli Foundation.
  2. The Application Form should be submitted by the Rector of the university, filled out by the Rector in the appropriate sections and signed by the Rector (Nominating Institution Statement Form) and the Candidate (Declaration of Applicant). If the Candidate is abroad and unable to sign, the Rector may sign in his or her place. A copy signed by the Candidate must be sent to the Azrieli Foundation no later than March 30, 2019.
  3. Each application should include an Impact Factor survey of the candidate’s publications, provided by the Rector. In fields where the Impact Factor survey is less relevant, such as Humanities, a list of high quality academic publications in which the candidate has published articles, book chapters, etc., will also be accepted.
  4. For applications in fields of Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (H.E.S.S):  A digital (PDF) copy of the candidate's PhD dissertation, including abstract, should be provided. 
  5. Each application should include at least four recommendations from referees in the candidate’s field. 
    These letters should include: 
    1. A recommendation from the candidate's PhD supervisor
    2. A recommendation from the candidate's postdoctoral supervisor
    3. A recommendation from abroad – a referee from outside of Israeli academia who can comment on the international stature of the research.
    4. Other – recommendations from parties who can comment on the candidate’s research, and who know the candidate well.
  6. The approach to the referees will be made by the university (Rector or Dean of Faculty) and not by the candidate himself.
  7. The references should be addressed to the Azrieli Foundation. General recommendations or letters addressed to other scholarship programs or for other purposes will not be accepted.
  8. Each application should include a letter of appointment for the candidate. If a candidate is submitted prior to receiving an official appointment, a letter of appointment must be produced and sent to the Azrieli Foundation no later than May 1, 2019.  

    Application Forms