1. The Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship is open to:

  • Canadian citizens who have obtained their PhD degree at a recognized Canadian OR International university
  • Citizens of any nationality who have obtained their PhD degree at a recognized Canadian university
2. Candidates may apply no later than four years after conferral of their PhD Diploma. Allowances are made for parental or medical leave, or other career interruptions.

3. Current PhD candidates will be required to submit official university documentation or a letter from the doctoral supervisor indicating a dissertation (thesis defense) date that is no later than June 30, 2020. If the dissertation is not completed by the stated date, the candidate will forfeit the fellowship.

4. Applicants who hold a faculty appointment will not be considered.

5. All applicants are required to have an academic  sponsor who is a faculty member at one of the eligible Israeli institutions below, and who will confirm the suitability of the candidate for the proposed research (see below for additional information). The Foundation will not consider applicants who do not have an academic sponsor.

6. The applicant’s record should show outstanding ability in research and potential for groundbreaking contributions to the advancement of their area of study, as well as demonstrated aspects of leadership and community service.

7. Candidates who are not successful are allowed to re-apply once