Dr. Tamar Segal-Peretz

Dr. Segal - Peretz is a new faculty member at the Technion in the Department of Chemical Engineering, returning to Israel from a postdoctoral fellowship at Argonne National Laboratory and at the University of Chicago. Her research interests lie in the area of polymer-based functional nanostructures, ranging from self-assembly of polymers to advanced three-dimensional characterization using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) tomography. Spontaneous self-assembly of polymers can be harnessed to form structures that range from 3 to 50 nm, which are difficult to obtain using conventional patterning techniques, and have tremendous potential in nanofabrication and separation applications. Dr. Segal – Peretz's research will focus on understanding and developing new materials and processes that would enable the fabrication of the future’s optical and semiconductor devices as well as separation membranes for purification and water treatment processes.