Dr. Tsevi Beatus

Dr. Beatus is a new faculty member at the Hebrew University in Bio-Engineering Center, with appointments in the School of Computer Science and Engineering and the Institute of Life Sciences.  Tsevi returned to Israel from a postdoc at the Physics Department of Cornell University. His research lies at the interface between Physics, Engineering, and Biology, and focuses on understanding the mechanisms of flight control in tiny insects, such as fruit flies. Tsevi uses a unique method to “trip” flies in mid-air, with fast cameras that film how the flies recover from these stumbles. He found that flies employ cutting-edge concepts from control theory, such as nonlinear, robust, and hierarchical control, and their control reflex is among the fastest in the animal kingdom. Inspired by the elegant control solutions insects have evolved, Tsevi aims to understand the mechanism of flight control in the framework of control theory. His research is expected to have impact also in neuroscience, fluid mechanics, and the development of insect-like flying robots.
More about Tsevi's work http://www.beatus-lab.org