Amit Sitt

Dr. Sitt is a new faculty member at Tel Aviv University’s School of Chemistry, returning to Israel following postdoctoral training in Columbia University in the USA, and in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. His research interests lie in the fields of smart programmable materials and self-assembly in the nano and microscale regimes. Dr. Sitt's lab will focus on developing and studying materials that can be programmed to hold and process chemical information. Similarly to a computer program, upon execution the chemically coded program embedded in the material will return a well-defined output– for instance a change of the shape or in the chemical nature of the material. Such materials, which mimic nature’s approach of coding information in biochemical structures, are poised to lead to the discovery of new phenomena, shed light on the principles of similar processes in biological systems, and lead to the development of novel applications in the fields of biomedicine and smart materials.