Arielle Blonder

Arielle is an architect and a Phd student at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion. Her research relates to materiality in architecture, an evolving field of research that investigated material-based systems and processes in architecture and design. The research focuses on “Textile Materiality”, a term coined by Arielle, placing it in architectural context, as an alternative approach to design and fabrication. It examines the potential of integrating methods and techniques that rely on the unique capacities of textile; in the fabrication of architectural elements of composite materials (Fiber reinforced polymers). While the standard fabrication of such elements requires limiting fixed and rigid molds, Arielle wishes to embed features, tools and methods of form making from the textile world (such as folds, cut outs and pleats) in the fabrication of architectural composite elements, as a new design and fabrication approach. The importance of this research lies in its potential for freeing architectural FRP fabrication from the limits of the molds, and expanding the range of processes, methods, forms and design approaches, which are still restricted today in that field.