Avishai Abbo

Avishai is a PhD student in Geology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Avishai specializes in tectonics and processes that form continental crust, and in dating single mineral grains (such as zircon and rutile) that constrain the formation time of the crustal rocks, as well as isotopic measurements that show their source and evolution. His research deals with the evolution of continental crust in Israel, Turkey and South-East Europe, and the processes that led to its formation and its history over the past 500 million years. Avishai's work combines both classic field geology – that includes studying the rocks in the field and sampling, together with advanced analytical methods (especially laser based techniques) in an effort to probe the chemistry, age and isotopic signatures of rocks and minerals that can constrain the timing of tectonic events. Avishai hopes to make a significant contribution to the study of continental geodynamics in our region, and to our understanding of these processes on a global scale.