Dr. Dan Orbach

Dr. Orbach is a military historian who studied for more than ten years in Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Cambridge MA, receiving a PhD degree from Harvard University. As a historian, commentator and political blogger, he  has published extensively on German, Japanese, Chinese, Israeli and Middle Eastern history, with a special focus on military resistance, disobedience, rebellions and political assassinations. His two latest books, The Plots Against Hitler and Curse on this Country - Japanese Military Insubordination and the Origins of the Pacific War are forthcoming in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Cornell University Press, respectively. They will also be published in Hebrew and Italian translation. Currently, Dr. Orbach is working on a comparative history, first of its kind, of military adventurers in the 20th Century. Dr. Orbach has recently taken up a faculty position as Senior Lecturer in the Hebrew University's Department of Asian Studies.