Gal Waisel

Gal is an M.Arch student at Tel Aviv University, Azrieli School of Architecture. Her study is focusing on photographic images showing the creation and activity of the Israeli "people’s house", a cultural and social framework that was adopted by all forms of settlement in Eretz Israel, along with the desire of creation an educational and cultural melting pot integrated into the emerging Zionist society. Gal is examining the relationship between the people's houses architecture, its visual images, and the way they are formed into both private and the collective memories, all through formal and personal photographs of different people's houses taken around the 40’s-50’s period and their usages. This study's goal is to define visual characteristic patterns of these images, proving the importance of architectural imagery within the field of architecture, implementation of ideas and messages and construction of memory, at individual, community, and national levels. Gal hopes that this study will yield fresh knowledge related to visual media as a narratives creator and stabilizer, narratives that were formed during the period when the Israeli society behavioral patterns were established and enhanced until nowadays.