Responsibilities of an Azrieli Postdoctoral Fellow

In order to maintain good standing, Azrieli Fellows will be required to sign a form committing themselves to the fulfillment of the following responsibilities:

1. High academic standards: Fellows are obligated to maintain a high level of academic excellence throughout the program. Progress reports must be submitted by the Fellow to the Azrieli Fellows Program management on a regular basis. The reports will describe the research done up until that point and must be signed by the Fellow’s academic sponsor who should also provide detailed comments.

2. Community service: Fellows are asked to participate in volunteer activities of a non-political/non-partisan nature for a total of 40 hours per year during the tenure of the fellowship. Volunteer activities must be approved in advance by Azrieli Fellows Program management, who will provide guidance on finding an activity based on interests, location and language.

3. Participation in program-sponsored events: In order to foster the exchange of ideas between Azrieli Fellows, the program sponsors several events during the academic year at which Fellows socialize and share their research and study activities. These events include but are not limited to: the Fellows Opening Ceremony, the Azrieli Fellows Forums and Professional Development activities, and an end-of-year Dinner.

4. Publication & Dissemination: Any publications that results from research activities conducted during the fellowship period must acknowledge the support of the Azrieli Foundation. Fellows may also be asked to submit an abstract of their dissertation and published works to the Azrieli Fellows Program management for use in publicity material produced by the program and on the Foundation website. The work produced by the Fellows during the course of their research in Israel may be eligible for publication in a future on-line journal. 

5. Alumni Activities: Fellows will be part of a growing global community of Azrieli Fellows alumni. Fellows will be asked to share their experiences with others, to publicize the Program to their colleagues and to participate in information sessions for new candidates that may be held in their region.