Mark Shusterman

Mark is a PhD student in Tel-Aviv University. His research focuses on the solution of problems in pure Mathematics that deal with properties of prime numbers, algebraic structures and their symmetries. Mark's research leads to insights on abstract Mathematical structures such as groups, fields, and manifolds. Part of the research is joint with graduate, undergraduate, and high school students. Some of the theoretical results find their applications in Computer Science, in areas such as Cryptography and Coding Theory. 

  • Free subgroups of nitely generated free pro nite groups, Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 2016.
  • Totally real subextensions, An appendix to Rel leaves of the Arnoux-Yoccoz surfaces, by P. Hooper, and B. Weiss. Submitted.  Lior Bary-Soroker, Mark Shusterman, Umberto Zannier
  • Ranks of subgroups in boundedly generated groups, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 2016.
    Mark Shusterman
  • Ascending chains of nitely generated subgroups, Journal of Algebra, 2017.
    Mark Shusterman
  • Mark Shusterman, Groups with positive rank gradient and their actions, To appear in Mathematica Slovaca.
  • An axiomatizable pro nite group with in nitely many open subgroups of index 2, Journal of Group Theory, 2016.
    Or Ben Porath, Mark Shusterman
  • Schreier's formula for Prosupersolvable groups, To appear in International Journal of Algebra and Computation. Mark Shusterman
  • Rank gradient of sequences of subgroups in a direct product, Preprint. 
    Nikolay Nikolov, Zvi Shemtov, Mark Shusterman