• Please visit the Azrieli Fellows Program website to apply online for the International Postdoctoral Fellowship. The online portal for 2020-2021 academic year applications will be available on September 1, 2019.
Below are instructions for preparation of the documents that will be submitted through the online system.
Application Form
Applicants will be asked to fill in relevant personal information including:
  • Name, Address and Citizenship
  • Languages spoken
  • Details of the graduate degree:
    • University and Departmental affiliation(s)
    • Supervisor name and contact
    • Title of PhD Dissertation
    • 250 word summary of PhD Dissertation
    • PhD Dissertation date (completed or scheduled)
  • Previous postdoctoral positions
    • University and Departmental affiliation
    • Supervisor name and contact
    • Title of research project
  • Proposed Israeli sponsor name and institute affiliation
  • Proposed start date for postdoctoral research
  • Title of proposed research
  • 250 word summary of the proposed research
  • Names and contact of 2 referees*
  • Additional funding sources (awarded and applied for) 
*Applicants are required to provide names and contact details for 2 referees familiar with their academic and research history. Once this information entered in the online form, the referees will receive an email with instructions for submitting a Letter of Recommendation and Confidential Evaluation document directly to the Azrieli Foundation. Guidelines for the letter of recommendation are given at the end of this document.

Applicants are required to submit the following additional attachments (instructions follow):
  1. PhD Approval Letter confirming date of thesis defense (if you have not received your PhD Diploma)
  2. PhD Diploma
  3. PhD Transcripts (unofficial transcripts are accepted at the application stage)
  4. Personal Statement (2 pages)
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. Publication & Contributions list
  7. Writing sample
  8. Research Statement (3 pages)
  9. Research Statement Appendix: references and figures (2 pages)
  10. Interruptions or Special Circumstances (optional)
  11. Sponsor letter of support 
Formatting Guideline for Attachments
  • Set page size to 8.5”X11” (215.9mm X 279.4mm)
  • Minimum margin on all sides: 1” (25.4mm)
  • 11 point Times New Roman or Arial font
  • All documents must be converted to PDF before uploading 
Attachments Detailed Guidelines
1. PhD Approval letter
  • If you have not yet defended your thesis, or you have defended, but have not yet received the PhD Diploma, attach a letter on University letterhead (either from the supervisor or from an official in the Department/School of Graduate Studies) stating the date of the defense (scheduled or completed). 
2. PhD Diploma
  • Colour PDF scan of the diploma 
3. PhD Transcripts
  • Unofficial transcripts can be submitted at the application stage
  • Colour PDF scan or e-copy of transcript 
4. Personal Statement
  • Maximum 2 pages
  • Describe your research, teaching, work experience and accomplishments
  • Describe your future career goals
  • Provide information that addresses your personal qualities and accomplishments outside research such as community service, volunteering and leadership activities, and/or athletic or artistic achievement
  • Summarize your motivation to work with the proposed sponsor, and what you expect to achieve during the fellowship period, both professionally and personally towards your goals 
5. Curriculum Vitae 

6. Publication & Contributions list
  • Provide a list of publications, conference proceedings, or other research output
  • Indicate peer reviewed, invited, or in press publications (accepted; not yet published)
  • After each item provide a brief statement specifying your contributions
  • Do not include manuscripts that are submitted or in preparation 
7. Writing Sample
Provide one example of a scholarly work (published research journal article, book chapter, etc.) that best demonstrates research accomplishment.
8. Research Statement
  • Maximum 3 pages
  • The research statement is the document that describes the research activities to be undertaken by the candidate in Israel, and how those activities will advance the chosen academic discipline, the host research group, and the candidate’s future career plans
  • The proposed research must be described in clear language, free of technical jargon. Specialist terminology and relevant background must be explained. The review committee is multidisciplinary, and members may not have specialist knowledge in the proposed area of study. The research statement should clarify the significance of the proposed studies and the potential to advance your field to an academic but non-specialist reader.
  • Explain how the research sponsor and associated environment will be critical to accomplish the proposed research
  • The document should include a statement about where the PhD doctoral work fits relative to the proposed research;
    • the fellowship may be used to further develop concepts or expand research questions that formed the thesis, but not to simply complete a research project without expanding its scope
  • Hyperlinks to additional information on activities, projects, or artistic works that have relevance to the proposal may be included.
  • Provide a timeline for the project, including the proposed one year of fellowship funding and longer, if applicable. 
9. Research Statement Appendix: references and figures
  • Maximum 2 pages
  • Include here graphs, figures, images, and the reference list for citations in the proposal 
10. Interruptions or Special Circumstances (submit only if applicable)
  • The fellowship is intended for candidates who have received their PhD Diploma no more than 4 years prior to the application submission date.  However, the Foundation can accommodate interruptions or leaves of absence after the PhD which include but are not limited to:
    • Parental leave
    • Medical leave
    • Family circumstances
    • Military service
  • Use this attachment to state the start and end time of the interruption and to briefly explain 
11. Sponsor letter of support
The proposed sponsor is asked to provide comments regarding the following:
  • The candidate’s qualifications and suitability for the research project
  • What the candidate will bring to the project (knowledge, technique etc.)
  • Facilities, resources, experts and wider environment that will contribute to the research project
  • Synergy between the candidate and sponsor and his/her research team/environment
  • Mentorship plan/agreement to achieve the proposal objectives  
Late applications, or those with missing documents or extra pages will not be reviewed.
Letter of Recommendation
Referees who have close knowledge of the candidate and his/her research and academic background are requested to provide a letter on institutional letterhead, commenting on the following:
  • The candidate’s ability at research (independent and critical thinking, creativity, reasoning, written and oral communication, knowledge and technical ability, determination and self-discipline)
  • Other personal characteristics such as collegiality, leadership, and communication skills 
The Letter of Recommendation along with a Confidential Referee Form will be submitted directly to the Azrieli Foundation by each referee following entry of their contact information in the online application.