Yuval Rubinstein

Yuval is a Masters Student of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion.  His research deals with ‘Dynamic Urban Planning’ and ‘Masterplans’.  More specifically, his research proposes a new dynamic urban planning model, based on urban information databases and on advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).  Today's masterplans suffer from many issues, such as the reliance on irrelevant databases and poor adaptation to the dynamic environment of the city.  These issues and other problems, make the masterplans’ goals and visions difficult to follow, hence impairing the healthy development of the city.  By integrating ICT into the masterplan, Yuval aims to create a dynamic urban model structure, that will actively change and adjust according to the changing needs of the city and its citizens.  This model could assist planers and decision makers in developing and operating cities according to their visions, while keeping their planning relevant and fulfilling the city’s ongoing needs.