Research and Design in Architecture Today
A symposium with Prof. David Leatherbarrow and Dr. Arch. Edna Langenthal
May 29th, 2016 || Noor, Jaffa

The Conference Workshop focused on a number of key aspects of design and research: methods of design, forms and
techniques of visual and verbal representation, and comprehensive operational strategies, as practiced by both entry level and
senior teachers, who are active in courses or studios or both. The intention was to open a broad debate in order to encourage
innovation in architectural study, when considering historical or theoretical research combined with creative production.
Several media of understanding and production entered into the discussion: drawings and models, of course, but also, and no
less importantly, verbal description, analysis, and interpretation. The interaction between these dimensions was a key topic for
discussion, with a working premise that precisely this interaction, the interplay of ostensibly distinct forms of articulation- words
and works- constitutes the basic framework of design as research. The deliberations amongst participants not only revealed
different modes of their specific research but offered a deeper understanding of this particular- particularly architectural- way
of developing knowledge.

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