A symposium with Dr. Arch. Edna Langenthal & Dr. Arch Liat Savin Ben Shoshan
May 18, 2017 || MUZA - Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv

The Workshop was dedicated to a rethinking of architecture and the urban space from the point of view of texts. More specically, it focused on the writing of space, that is, the phenomenon of writing about buildings and urban spaces and the experiences across different time periods. As opposed to the common hierarchy in which building precede the words and theories written about them, we considered the primarity of writing in its various forms, as releasing other dimensions of the experience and understanding of the built environment.
The workshop included writing in both academic and non-academic fields, textual and non-textual, in a range of disciplines that touch upon architectural experience and history. In this way we aimed to offer a new experience for writing on architecture and urban space. The common theme was to use a variety of voices in creating architectural culture, by offering five different sessions which characterize different themes in writing on architecture. The different voices coming from the text have opened a space for rethinking architecture.

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