Ohad Kohn

Ohad Kohn is a PhD student at Tel Aviv University's School of Cultural Studies. He specializes in German and Yiddish literature in their inter-lingual and intercultural junctures. Ohad’s research focuses on the poetic language of Paul Celan (1920-1970), one of the greatest German poets in the second half of the 20th century. He seeks to resolve the two fundamental issues in Celan’s reception, one informed by the other; his extraordinary German language on the one hand and his elusive yet ubiquitous Jewishness on the other. The study uncovers the Jewish affinities and registers encoded into Celan’s unique poetic language in light of the poet's ironic use of the originally antisemitic term Judaization (Verjudung) of literature. By closely reading Celan’s extraordinary poetic language structures in the context of Jewish linguistic and literary traditions, Ohad offers a novel framework for understanding the role of Jewishness in European literary modernism after the Holocaust.