Dr. Deni Kasa

Dr. Deni Kasa completed his PhD at the University of Toronto and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Tel Aviv University's Department of English and American Studies. His research explores the religious origins of modernity. His new book project, The Anti-Trinitarian Origins of Liberalism, argues that the forerunners of liberalism—especially John Milton, Hugo Grotius, and John Locke—imagined freedom of worship and freedom of speech by drawing from anti-Trinitarianism, a 17th-century Christian heresy. Based on medieval Jewish scholarship, the anti-Trinitarians saw Jesus as a human teacher rather than the Son of God; Milton, Grotius, and Locke used this argument to promote interfaith tolerance. The project aims to prove that while today liberalism facilitates interfaith dialogue, historically it was the interfaith dialogue between Jews and Christians that produced liberalism.