Dr. Shlomi Reuveni

Dr. Shlomi Reuveni is a new faculty member at the School of Chemistry at Tel Aviv University. With PhDs from both the School of Chemistry and the School of Mathematical Sciences at TAU,  he then completed postdoctoral research at Harvard's Department of Systems Biology. Dr. Reuveni is broadly interested in complex systems and has specialized in the study of systems governed by random events and statistical laws. His group conducts basic theoretical research that crosses conventional disciplinary boundaries between physics, chemistry, biology, probability and statistics; to mathematically describe, explain, and predict natural phenomena and study systems in various fields of physical chemistry and statistical and biological physics. This interdisciplinary approach has already proven useful in unravelling and explaining key features of proteins and ribosomes based on mathematical and physical principles. Demonstrating that similar principles are applicable to all living systems is a longstanding aim of Dr. Reuveni and his research group.  

  • Tal Robin; Shlomi Reuveni; Michael Urbakh (2018). Single-Molecule Theory of Enzymatic Inhibition. Nature Communications, 9(1), 779. Article