Dr. Ido Kaminer

Dr. Ido Kaminer is a new faculty member at the Technion Faculty of Electrical Engineering, returning from a postdoc at MIT. He studies the fundamentals of light-matter interactions with novel nanophotonics and emerging materials, developing new concepts for light sources in spectral ranges inaccessible by existing technology. Chief among these spectral ranges are the terahertz, extreme-ultraviolet, and x-ray, where new light sources can unlock possibilities for biomedical and medical imaging, for industrial quality control, and for advances in fundamental sciences. In his research, Dr. Kaminer applies elegant mathematical and algorithmic tools to solve major problems in science and technology and attempts to tackle open questions in physics and mathematics. He applies state-of-the-art experimental techniques to probe exciting phenomena in new materials with ultrafast electrons and photons. Dr. Kaminer hopes to make significant contributions to the fundamentals of electrodynamics and quantum physics, and to apply them in developing future technologies.