Dr. Anat Perry

Dr. Anat Perry is a new faculty member at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the Department of Psychology, returning to Israel from a postdoctoral position at Berkeley. She studies social phenomena in terms of interactions between their social, cognitive, and neural aspects. Her research involves applying behavioral, electrophysiological, pharmacological, and neuroimaging research techniques to both healthy and clinical populations. Three pressing questions motivate Dr. Perry’s research: What are the behavioral and brain mechanisms that underlie social psychological phenomena? To what extent do the social and non-social cognitive processes involved in these phenomena overlap? How can understanding these processes help treat deficits in social cognition such as autism or psychopathy? A better understanding of the behavioral and neural mechanisms enabling empathy and the accurate recognition of the affective states of others will contribute to creating better interventions for understanding others, for accepting others in the community and for improved adjustments to social change.