Architecture & Urban Planning (Masters)

  1. The Azrieli Fellowships are offered to students of Architecture or Urban Planning who, at the time of application, are enrolled in a research Masters program in architecture.
  2. Students may apply for a fellowship in their first semester of studies and no later than their fourth semester of studies.
  3. Applications are considered from students of Architecture, Urban Planning, or related fields with a specialization in Urban Planning.
  4. In order to be eligible for an Azrieli Fellowship in this track, applicants must have completed a five-year B.Arch. or B.Sc. in Architecture at an accredited academic institution.
  5. The fellowship is offered for one year, with an option for renewal for up to one more additional year.
  6. The option for renewal will be considered by the Azrieli Foundation toward the end of the first fellowship year, based on the candidate’s record of excellence, and an examination of the research objectives for the period of renewal. 
  7. The Azrieli Fellows Program management will send out Calls for Submission to the academic institutions in Israel offering a research Masters degree in Architecture (M.Arch. or M.Sc.).
    In 2019/20, these institutions are the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and Tel Aviv University.
  8. Each institution will be requested to submit up to four nominations from students in their Masters programs (research).  At least two of the nominees will be required to hold undergraduate degrees from institutions other than Technion or Tel Aviv University (ie: Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design Jerusalem, Ariel University, and NBH Haifa School of Design- WIZO Academy).
  9. The institutions will be requested to set up internal selection committees to examine candidates based on criteria set forth by the Azrieli Foundation. Representatives of the Azrieli Foundation may be present at the internal committee meetings as observers.
  10. The Azrieli Fellows Program can support up to four new Fellows each year in this category, but reserves the right to accept less than the indicated number in a given year.
  11. The Azrieli Foundation reserves the right to halt financial support at any time during the fellowship period, in the event that the Fellow does not meet his/her obligations to remain in good standing (see section entitled "Obligations of the Azrieli Fellow").