Fellows Forum - January 21, 2018

09:15-10:00  Gathering
10:00-10:15  Opening

10:15-11:45  Parallel sessions
Session I
Chair – Boaz Hameiri, Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University
Haran Sened, PhD Fellow – Psychology, Bar Ilan
Empathic accuracy: can we understand each other better ?
Lihi Matza, PhD Fellow – Architecture, Technion
Urban industrial area regeneration: Between long-term vision and short-term demands
Dr. Yiska Weisband, Postdoctoral Fellow – Epidemiology, Hebrew University
The challenges surrounding births in the US today. Are midwives the solution?
Dr. Meital Oren-Suissa, Faculty Fellow – Neurobiology , Weizmann Institute
Sexual dimorphism: from molecules and synapses to circuits and behaviors
In attendance – Prof. Moshe Abeles, Senior Academic Advisor to Azrieli Fellows Program
Session II
Chair – Idan Frumkin, Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute
Adi Doron, PhD Fellow – Neuroscience, Hebrew University
Navigating by the stars

Yuval Givon, PhD Fellow – General History, Tel Aviv University
The circulation of knowledge through the Jesuit network during the Ming-Qing transition, 1636-1662.

Dr. Devin Trudeau , Postdoctoral Fellow – Bioengineering, Weizmann Institute
My fixation with fixing carbon fixation

Dr. Anat Perry, Faculty Fellow – Psychology, Hebrew University
Empathy from a social neuroscience perspective
In attendance – Prof. Hermona Soreq
11:45-12:00  Break

12:15-12:45  Fellows Corner : Brigitta SchvarczConstructions of identity in the face of the Holocaust

12:45-13:30  Lunch

13:30-16:30  Skill-building Workshops:
  • Presentation Workshop by Guy Adler of Zugraphi Studio 
  • Preparing for a Job Interview: Workshop facilitated by HFP Instructors 
  • Managing Doctoral Research as a Project by Prof. Reuven Katz, Technion
16:25-16:30  Mid-year questionnaire

16:30  Something sweet for the road and farewell J