Yinon Bar-On

Yinon is a PhD student in the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science. His research field is quantitative biology, with a focus on the biomass composition and productivity of the biosphere (global amount of carbon fixation). Yinon aims to aggregate data from various sources to generate estimates of the global mass of all the kingdoms of life (plants, bacteria, fungi and animals). By combining estimates of the total biomass with additional data on the composition of key proteins within each group of organisms, Yinon seeks to estimate the global quantity of key proteins in global biogeochemical cycles (such as the main carboxylating enzyme RuBisCO. Estimating the total global biomass may allow us to quantitatively track humans impact the biosphere. Moreover, by estimating the quantity of key enzymes in global biogeochemical cycles, Yinon can probe into the factors which control global rate of carbon fixation, and thus into CO2 levels in the atmosphere.