Hagai Hillel Diamandi

Hilel Hagai Diamandi is a PhD student in the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University. His research field is nonlinear optics. Hagai focuses on opto-mechanical interactions – the complex relationships between light and sound waves that coexist in a medium. He addresses the excitation of mechanical vibrations of structures by light waves propagating in them, and how, in turn, those vibrations affect the light. His research includes analysis of the various physical processes, numerical simulation and predictions, as well as experimental validations. The structures Hagai investigates include standard optical fibers, specialty fibers, and optical waveguides in silicon photonic devices. Through his research, Hagai seeks to create new opportunities for opto-mechanical devices, and design custom-made opto-mechanical platforms with new capabilities and improved performances for sensing applications, metrology systems, and information processing systems.