Yoav Charpak-Amikam

Yoav Charpak-Amikam is a research student on a MD/PhD track at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Yoav's focus is on the immune system’s fight against infectious fungi such as Candida – the most common cause of fungal infections, which often lives peacefully in our body without causing any harm, but can sometimes leads to serious disease and even death. How the immune system recognizes Candida and decides whether it is a friendly resident or a dangerous enemy is unclear. Using molecular biology, human samples, and mouse models, Yoav is working to identify the immune-cell molecules that recognize the fungus, the molecules they identify on the fungus, and the biological and medical significance of these interactions. Yoav hopes that his work will provide targets for new anti-fungal drugs or drugs that boost the immune response, and help in the war against this deadly infection. As a future physician-scientist, he hopes his research would help his future patients, while his clinical experience would direct his research toward the directions most relevant to them.