Michal Dvir

Michal Dvir is a PhD student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Haifa. Her research is in the field of mathematics education, as part of a research team whose goal is developing young learners’ (ages 11-12) statistical reasoning, to better prepare the citizens of tomorrow for the challenges of the information age. Michal focuses on a key aspect of statistical reasoning: reasoning with models – visual (e.g. graphs) or abstract representations (e.g. linear relations between variables). While there has recently been a growing interest in the pedagogical potential of statistical modeling in the statistical research community, deeper understanding of its unique characteristics is still warranted to fully harvest its potential, particularly with regard to young learners who had not yet mastered relevant formal procedures. To this end, Michal examines informal alternatives devised by a class of sixth graders within an innovative learning environment, and hopes to suggest a comprehensive theoretical framework for their accompanying reasoning.