Shilat Haim-Nachum

Shilat Nachum is a PhD student in the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University. Her research seeks to understand the puzzling and inconsistent link between the duration of traumatic exposure and PTSD symptoms, while searching for possible moderators of that relationship. Specifically, she explores the moderating role of both cognitive and emotional flexibility in the relationship. For this purpose, she engages in research among firefighters, a population that is repeatedly exposed to traumatic events, using computerized tasks, self-report measures and clinical interviews designed to assess the intensity of the symptoms they develop with relation to their flexibility. Her study may shed light on the mechanisms that contribute to the development and maintenance of PTSD symptoms; it may also have therapeutic implications, where the improvement of cognitive and emotional flexibility in the course of an intervention program developed by Shilat may buffer the deleterious consequences of traumatic events.