Roy Marom

Roy Marom is a PhD candidate in the Department of Israel Studies at the University of Haifa. His research concerns the social history of rural Palestine during the late Ottoman and British Mandate periods. In his doctoral dissertation, Roy addresses the question of the renewed Arab settlement in the Sharon (the central section of the Coastal Plain) and in Western Samaria between the years 1700-1948. Following two centuries of demographic decline, in the eighteenth century, these regions experienced (as did the rest of the Levant) a prolonged period of settlement expansion, involving multiple population movements from diverse origins, village formation and abandonment. Roy's work bridges the gap between existing scholarship in the fields of ethnography, historical geography and sociopolitical history. By using a wide range of hitherto unpublished local oral and written sources in Arabic and Turkish, Roy hopes to provide new insights into the precise causes of these transformations, which have so far eluded satisfactory explanations.